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In collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Quarius Learning addressed the challenge of ensuring continuity in training scientists on presentation skills following the departure of a seasoned trainer. By conducting a thorough needs analysis and developing a tailored curriculum, Quarius Learning empowered new trainers to effectively deliver training sessions, enabling scientists to communicate their research findings with confidence. This resulted in uninterrupted training, enhanced presentation skills among scientists, and facilitated the flow of funding into critical research projects. 

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Case Study: Empowering Trainers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, a leading institution in space exploration and research, recognized the importance of effective communication in showcasing scientific advancements and securing funding for groundbreaking research projects.



The departure of a seasoned trainer, responsible for conducting in-person training sessions on presentation skills for scientists, posed a significant challenge for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. With only six months left until his departure, there was an urgent need to develop a sustainable training program to ensure continuity in equipping scientists with essential presentation skills.



Recognizing the critical role of effective communication in advancing scientific endeavors, the departing trainer enlisted the expertise of Quarius Learning to create a comprehensive training program for future trainers. Quarius Learning conducted a thorough needs analysis to understand the unique requirements of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the specific challenges faced by scientists in delivering compelling presentations.


Key Steps Taken

1. Needs Analysis


Quarius Learning conducted a comprehensive needs analysis to identify the specific areas of improvement required for scientists' presentation skills. This analysis included understanding the audience's needs, evaluating existing training materials, and identifying gaps in current training methods.

2. Curriculum Development

Leveraging insights from the needs analysis, Quarius Learning developed a tailored curriculum focused on the art and science of delivering effective presentations. The curriculum covered essential topics such as structuring presentations, engaging the audience, utilizing visual aids, and handling questions effectively.


3. Training for Trainers


Quarius Learning provided intensive training sessions for the trainers who would replace the departing expert. These sessions equipped them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to effectively deliver training on presentation skills to scientists within NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.



The collaborative efforts between the departing trainer and Quarius Learning resulted in the successful transition of training responsibilities and the establishment of a sustainable training program at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The newly trained trainers were empowered to continue providing scientists with the necessary skills to deliver compelling presentations.











                                                                           Source: NASA SVS | NASA Earth Science Division Missions






The departure of the seasoned trainer did not disrupt the training program, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity in providing essential presentation skills training.

Enhanced Presentation Skills:


Scientists at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center developed enhanced presentation skills, enabling them to effectively communicate the importance of their research to upper management and secure funding for their projects.

Flow of Funding:


The improved presentation skills of scientists facilitated the flow of funding into research projects, as they could effectively articulate the significance of their work to stakeholders and decision-makers.


Through strategic collaboration with Quarius Learning, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center successfully addressed the challenge of ensuring continuity in training scientists on presentation skills. The newly trained trainers are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to empower scientists in effectively communicating their research findings and driving innovation in space exploration.


Partnering with Quarius Learning means gaining access to tailored training solutions designed to address your organization's unique challenges and empower your workforce for success. Join us in shaping a future where effective communication drives innovation and advancement.

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