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Remote On-Boarding 

In 2021, Boston Scientific needed to on-board 4000 employees in Costa Rica, but they needed to high-level training materials to illustrate the aspects of their business division.  

Case Study: Simplifying Onboarding for Boston Scientific's Global Business Services Division




Boston Scientific, a global leader in medical technology, faced the challenge of onboarding 4000 employees from Costa Rica into its Global Business Services division. To ensure a smooth transition, Boston Scientific sought training that would provide a comprehensive understanding of its intricate business administration processes. Quarius Learning was selected for this task based on its proven expertise in simplifying complex information, particularly in the K-12 education sector.





The Challenge

Boston Scientific's Global Business Services division operates as a company within a company, responsible for all business administration functions crucial to the organization. The challenge lay in effectively conveying the nuances of each department within the division to new employees, enabling them to grasp the intricacies of their roles and contributions to the larger organization.

Our Approach


Quarius Learning embarked on a mission to streamline the onboarding process by creating simple yet informative slide decks for each department within the Global Business Services division. Leveraging our experience in simplifying complex information, we coordinated meetings with department chiefs to gather essential insights. We developed a structured information collection template to ensure efficient meetings and comprehensive understanding of departmental functions.

Key Deliverables

1. Simple Slide Decks: Quarius Learning crafted slide decks for each department within the Global Business Services division, focusing on clarity and simplicity. These decks provided new employees with a high-level overview of departmental functions, processes, and contributions to Boston Scientific's operations.
2. Efficient Meetings: By coordinating meetings with department chiefs and utilizing a structured information collection template, Quarius Learning ensured productive discussions and captured key insights essential for developing informative training materials.

Source: Boston Scientific transformando vidas a través de su liderazgo en Responsabilidad Social

Boston Scientific Transforming Lives Through Social Responsibility Leadership (



Quarius Learning's streamlined approach to onboarding training resulted in a seamless transition for Boston Scientific's new employees from Costa Rica. The simplified slide decks provided a clear understanding of the Global Business Services division's intricacies, empowering employees to navigate their roles effectively within the larger organization. The efficient meeting coordination and information collection process facilitated collaboration and knowledge sharing among department leaders, ensuring comprehensive training content aligned with Boston Scientific's objectives.


Through strategic collaboration with Quarius Learning, Boston Scientific successfully onboarded 200 employees into its Global Business Services division, equipping them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute effectively to the organization. Quarius Learning's expertise in simplifying complex information played a pivotal role in streamlining the onboarding process, demonstrating its commitment to driving impactful learning solutions for clients across diverse industries.


Partnering with Quarius Learning means gaining access to innovative learning solutions tailored to simplify complex information and drive organizational success. Join us in simplifying the learning journey and empowering your workforce for excellence.

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