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2022 - 2024


Sales Enablement, Upskilling and Strategy Creation of Strategy Documentation

During the reengineering of Microsoft's capacity management processes, Quarius Learning has been there at every step of the way, to help facilitate clear communication between leadership and staff through training tools.  

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Case Study:

Empowering Learning Transformation through Strategic Collaboration


Quarius Learning, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, partnered with Microsoft, a global technology giant, to drive transformative changes in learning experiences and skill development. Through strategic collaboration, Quarius Learning supported Microsoft in enhancing critical skills, driving innovation, and fostering continuous development within its ecosystem.




The primary objective of the collaboration was to leverage Quarius Learning's expertise to enhance Microsoft's learning initiatives. Quarius Learning aimed to achieve this by curating content, developing comprehensive playbooks, and providing strategic support to align learning solutions with Microsoft's objectives.




1. Developing Dynamic Learning Content:

   Quarius Learning collaborated with Microsoft to develop dynamic learning paths and workshops focused on enhancing critical skills essential for Microsoft's workforce. By leveraging Azure DevOps and a learner-centric approach, Quarius Learning ensured the creation of engaging, practical learning experiences aligned with Microsoft's strategic goals.

2. Creating Standardized Learning Templates:

   Recognizing the importance of standardized learning frameworks, Quarius Learning supported Microsoft in creating pre-defined templates for future course activities. These templates facilitated streamlined content creation processes and maintained consistency in language, tone, and grammar across diverse learning modules.


3. Repurposing Existing Courses into Immersive Workshops:

   Quarius Learning assisted Microsoft in repurposing existing courses into immersive workshops, enriching the learning experience for participants. Through iterative development cycles and close collaboration, Quarius Learning transformed separate courses into cohesive workshops aligned with Microsoft's vision of reimagining learning solutions.

Source: Microsoft Learn: Getting Started with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare




4. Curating Content for Specialized Domains:

   In response to industry-specific challenges, Quarius Learning curated content from Microsoft's extensive curriculum portfolio to develop specialized courses. These courses, tailored to domains such as healthcare solutions and site reliability engineering, equipped Microsoft employees with advanced skills to address industry-specific needs.

5. Building Comprehensive Playbooks:

   Quarius Learning collaborated with Microsoft to develop fluid documentation and playbooks serving as comprehensive guides for operational workflows and onboarding processes. By curating existing content and providing strategic support, Quarius Learning ensured clarity, consistency, and alignment with Microsoft's strategic objectives.


Key Achievements

- Enhanced Skills Development: Quarius Learning's support enabled Microsoft to develop engaging learning paths and workshops, empowering employees to deepen their expertise and drive innovation.


- Streamlined Content Creation: Through standardized templates and iterative review processes, Quarius Learning facilitated efficient content creation workflows, ensuring consistency and quality across all learning materials.


- Innovative Learning Solutions: Quarius Learning's collaboration with Microsoft led to the development of innovative learning solutions tailored to industry-specific challenges, driving continuous skills development and adaptation.

- Global Impact: Leveraging Azure DevOps and adherence to international standards, Quarius Learning's support transcended geographical boundaries, catering to Microsoft's diverse global workforce.



Quarius Learning's strategic collaboration with Microsoft exemplifies its commitment to driving impactful learning transformations. By providing comprehensive support and innovative solutions, Quarius Learning has empowered Microsoft to enhance its workforce's skills, drive innovation, and achieve its strategic objectives in the digital age.




Partnering with Quarius Learning means accessing transformative learning solutions and strategic support tailored to your organization's needs. Join us in shaping the future of learning and driving impactful change together.

This is an image of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and the 4 pillars of their cloud healthcare service. 1. Create connected expriences at every point of care. 2. Unlock the value of clinical and operational data. 3. Foster health team collaboration. 4. Empower your healthcare workforce.
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