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Accelerate your transition to the exciting, freeing and lucrative field of Instructional Design with Hands-On practice and guidance from Industry Experts
One time membership fee
A Facebook Community Group
What is

Receive feedback on your portfolio within the group to make sure you are producing world-class work.

Detailed, one-on-one portfolio review and feedback is available upon request for $99 for members only. $499 for non-members.

This workgroup was designed with teachers in mind by a former teacher to address the unique knowledge gaps between teaching and the field of instructional design.  

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What will you learn?​

Apply Instructional Design 

  • Overview of Instructional Design​

  • Learn the language of Instructional Design

  • What are the main Instructional Design principles to learn and how do they work in practice

  • The similarities and differences between Pedagogy and Andragogy​

  • Using AI to enhance your instructional design

  • Create Script and Storyboard based on real client requirements 

Apply Graphic Design

  • Learning Universal Principles of Design

  • Graphic Design tools in Instructional Design

  • Using AI to enhance your graphic design

  • Create design for course

Use VoiceOvers and Voice Editing 

  • Voiceovers and audio editing software

  • Hiring an outside VoiceOver artist

  • Create voiceovers for your course 

  • AI voiceovers

Apply Technical Skills 

  • Video editing for courses

  • 2d Animation for courses

  • Microlearning tools 

  • AI authoring tools

  • Course authoring tools

Get Ready for the Market 

  • Clarify strengths and niches

  • Evaluate the industries you would like to work in and specialize your work

  • Create and optimize your portfolio 

  • Portfolio review and feedback

  • Resume Building and review 

  • Mock Interviews 

Why should you join?
I'm glad you asked!

1. Invest in high demand skills to transition from the classroom to the rewarding field of instructional design

2. Practice technical skills as an instructional designer 

3. Receive support and upskill even after you receive a job or projects as a freelancer

4. Learn the business side of instructional design

5. Ask questions and receive answers from senior instructional designers

6. Level up by leveraging your experience as a teacher to create your own course and stream of passive income 

7. Learn what companies want by learning from a company that hires instructional designers

8. Learn how to leverage AI in instructional design
9. Create a world-class portfolio 

...and more!!!

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Exceptional Value
  • When will the Live workshops be?
    Bi-weekly, during the week, in the evening, at a time that group members will vote on.
  • What if I miss a live workshop? Will there be recordings?
    Yes. Recordings will be available after every live workshop.
  • Will I receive help outside the workgroup?
    Yes! You will have access to videos, self-paced courses, and feedback from Administrators, Moderators, and peers that you can access directly in the group.
  • How long is each workshop?
    Each class is 90 minutes. 60 minutes for lecture and 30 minutes for Q&A.
  • Where will the group be hosted?
    The group will be hosted on Facebook for ease of access.


Brandon Berry, MBA


Spent 8 years as a Math Coach and 10 years as an Instructional Designer as well as the Co-Founder of Quarius Learning. He has developed curriculum and facilitated for mentoring programs, tutoring programs, taught several online classes to homeschool students and University students. In addition, Quarius Learning has worked with clients such as NASA, Boeing, and Microsoft. Quarius Learning has also contracted transitioned teachers to work with top companies in the field. 

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Samuel Apata

9 years of instructional design experience developing and retaining talent for organizations like T-Mobile, GM Financial, and Starbucks. He holds a graduate degree in instructional systems design from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is also a regular contributor to the Articulate e-learning community. Samuel currently leads a Special Interest Group (SIG) session on instructional design at ATD Fort Worth Mid-Cities, where he also serves as Past President.

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